The Clinic

The Rosasco Dental clinic is located in Pueblo Sol, Arroyo de la Miel, only 10 kilometres from Málaga. The Renfe train station and the bus stop are located at only 30 metres from the clinic and the Tivoli parking is only a 40 metre walk from the clinic.

Always the best treatment

The Rosasco Dental Clinic uses the latest technology. This includes digital radiography equipment in each office, a room prepared for digital panoramic equipment and a sterilization room. The waiting room is equipped with air conditioning, so the stay is as comfortable as possible in both summer and winter.

Share your questions with us!

If you have any doubts about anything related to treatments or dental hygiene, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Act immediately

Act immediately. As soon as you feel a minimal discomfort, book an appointment with Rosasco Dental. Toothaches don’t just disappear and, the sooner you start the treatment, the easier, quicker and cheaper it will be.

Use floss everyday

You’re not wasting time by using dental floss and toothpicks – you’re saving a lot of time for the dentist!

Pay special attention to your gums

There are 32 teeth in the mouth, with 5 surfaces on each one of them. In other words, more than 150 surfaces to clean at least twice a day. A task that requires a system. One option is brushing all the chewing surfaces first. Afterwards you can focus on brushing along the gum border, from the outside to the inside. This will help you achieve healthy dental hygiene.

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