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All treatments are performed using the best and most modern materials. Our equipment ensures you will receive a quick, painless and effective treatment.



The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and in one single appointment. The post operatory pain is minimum and it is reduced by using minimally invasive techniques.


In collaboration with our specialist, we offer a free consultation and quotation tailored to your specific needs and payment facilities. We use the best aesthetics techniques available on the market.

Tratamiento Periodontal

Prosthesis and Aesthetics Treatments

This is our main specialty. Let the Rosasco Dental Team guide you; our prosthetic team will surprise you with rehabilitations of great beauty, so natural they will look like yours. Our prosthetic specialists have more than 30 years of experience and an international reputation within the dental ceramic field. Our collaboration with them will ensure the nicest smile possible.

Our philosophy is to treat every single problem derived from gum inflammation and the consequent bone loss that causes dental mobility.

More than half of the population of people aged 45 and over suffer Periodontal Disease. Tobacco, Bad Oral Hygiene and Diabetes are the predisposing factors. Even so, the most severe cases are due to hereditary factors. It is scientifically proven that people with periodontal disease are 6 times more likely to suffer heart diseases. This is due to mouth bacteria, which circulates through the blood and is able to stimulate coagulation.

Modern Orthodontics

Our clients have the best aesthetics solutions for fixed orthodontics at their disposal

Periodontal treatment

More than half the population of people aged over 45 suffer periodontal disease.


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